Employing an Agile Mindset and Principles in IMPROVING ORGANIZATIONS

Healthy Agile specializes in Agile consulting, coaching and training, software development and solutions (with an emphasis on Pega, Salesforce and .NET) in the Health Care, Government, Insurance and Commercial/Retail sectors, along with executive and individual coaching.

We have a unique expertise in Business Process Management (BPM), Case Management and Agile, Lean, Scrum, Kanban and XP methods.

Agile Consulting / Coaching / Training

Healthy Agile provides top-notch consultants, coaches and trainers to serve the needs of our clients; most notably in Health Care, Government, Insurance and Commercial/Retail sectors. Our consultants, coaches and trainers have had years of experience in these sectors, acquiring top certifications and the lessons learned that go with them. Our well-rounded staff specializes in all areas of software development; from product management and business analysis to architecture, design, development, testing, administration and project management.

Software Development and Solutions

Healthy Agile has a custom software development shop centered around Pega, Salesforce and .NET technology platforms. We only employ well-experienced, high quality professionals who can communicate and collaborate effectively. We can work at your place or ours. Just let us know. We'll bring coffee.

Executive and Individual Coaching

We at Healthy Agile also specialize in executive and individual coaching. Organizations and individuals are recognizing the value of professional coaching in improvement in people’s personal and professional lives. We can help you and your organization focus on improvement for the short and long term.

What We Can Do for You

Agile Consulting, Coaching and Training

Software Development and Solutions

Executive and Individual Coaching

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